Host, Presenters and Honorees


(Honoree) Entrepreneur & Founder of More than Lemonade

Salaam Jaha

(Host) Health and Wellness Expert

Allan Houston

NBA All Star, Olympic Medalist & Philanthropist

Cidra Sebastien

Educator, Organizer & Youth Advocate

Niles Goodwin

VP of Promotions at Capitol Records

Denae Howard

Principal at NYC School

Nile "Lowkey" Ivey

On-Air Personality for Apple Music

Jon Gray

Co-Founder of Ghetto Gastro

Dr. Rashiah Elam

Chief Medical Officer & Medical Director

David Alan Madrick

Actor, Writer & Producer

Kwasi Kessie

Celebrity Stylist & Adidas Harlem Running Captain

Michelle Martinez

Multi Hotel Sales Manager

Jordan L Rice

Lawyer & Lead Pastor at Renaissance Church

JP Infante

Educator & Writer

Gena Pemberton

Hampton University Alumni President, Fashionista, Influencer

Derrick Owens

Senior VP & Asst. Controller, U.S. Aircraft Insurance

DJ Reborn

Global DJ & Educator

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Nile "Lowkey" Ivey

On-Air Personality for Apple Music