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Who We Are


Abstrak Vision is an industry impacting multimedia company that provides innovative, creative, original, sales presentations, recap materials and commercials for clients at affordable prices. We are a young and fresh Video Production Company whose main objective is to assist others in having a creative idea produced into a finished product.  Our staff is composed of creative, optimistic professionals who represent and embody the quality, skills and attitudes needed for providing effective services.  Abstrak Vision has a growing presence in the advertising and entertainment industries, creating a new Vision for the future.


Film     Special Events    Commercials     Music Videos     PSA's      Electronic Press Kits    Virtual Sales Packages & More

Affordable prices vary per request

Special Events Pricing

Services provided:

- Half day with 1 Videographer, Camera and Accessories (4hrs or less)

- Full Day with 1 Videographer, Camera and Accessories (More than 4hrs)

- Multiple Camera pricing options are available

- Editing: prices vary per minute of completed project and hourly service

EPKs, Commercials and Music Videos

Varies based on use of extensive equipment, multiple staff, the concept, consulting and permits

Virtual Sales Packages

Virtual Sales Packaging is based off of a partnership you may have with another company.  Just include our pricing in the Sales Buy and it is of no cost to you.  We collect half on the day of booking before production and receive the remainder up to 30 days after the project is completed.

Video Membership Services

Are you in need of a Videographer or Video for your website on a consistent basis?  

Do you have an establishment that caters or produces events regularly?  

Inquire about our Money Saving Packages....

- Bronze Package (6 months)

2 half day events taped per month and one edited piece (up to 5 min.)

- Gold Package (6 months)

3 half day events taped per month and 2 edited pieces (up to 5 min.) 

-Platinum Package (6 months)

3 events (1 full and 2 half day) taped per month and 3 edited pieces (up to 10 min. each)

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Seminars and Education

As producers and creators it is also important for us to mold the minds of others and share our wisdom with the world...  Video Production and Filmmaking is an Art form that is forever changing.  It is also one the few industries that can employ many people at one time per project.  One commercial could employ 30 people or more and a film maybe hundreds depending on the budget.  The bottom line is “the possibilities are endless”.  Abstrak Vision University also known as AV University has been created to enhance and support these views by teaching children marketable skills through Video Production.  There needs to be more assistance in guiding the youth to understand the hurtful truth in that the land of opportunity no longer means to get a job in numerous fields, but to have creative control over what you may be spending the rest of your life doing.  If there is not a lane for you to acquire a job, you have to be able to make your own and using Art is one of the best ways to do so.  


We also provide adult sessions facilitated by industry professionals at a low cost which also serves as a networking event for like minded individuals expecting to grow in the field of production.

Current Project

Swimming Against the Current

As most of us dread the idea of getting older, the Harlem Honeys and Bears synchronize Swim Team shows us that there is so much more to look forward to!

So Coming Fall 2019, let’s embrace this thing called life together! 

Previous Projects

A true to Life independent dramedy about a "successful" cynical young woman from Harlem trying to find herself in all the wrong ways.

Meet The Cast:

Marilyn "Jocelyn" Martin

Lead character. Go Getter

Adrian "Derrick" Arthur

Family Man

Hasaan "Kareem" Gilmer

Money Maker

Isabel "Rachel" Gutierrez

Workaholic Mom

Aniya "Evelyn" Picou

Little Sister

Suzie "Meyshia" Silvero

Party Girl


The Director's Cut / Rough of the Film

(for a limitied time)

It wasn't about anything except for the art! A real story about relatable people!