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As the first event created by the educational and community based sector of Abstrak Vision, AV University, The Possibilities Tour Inc. is a City Wide Career day catered to BlPOC Youth and Teens. The purpose of this event is to give individuals the opportunity to combat systemic racism by providing them with the tools that they need to have a competitive advantage in whatever professional Career they desire, at an early age.
We felt that it was vital to bring this information in a holistic and nurturing way to provide a sense of hope towards the future for our participants. Not only is it important for this group of young people to be inspired to achieve greatness, but it is vital for them to know that the possibilities are endless by listening to the perspectives of successful people from similar backgrounds. One of our missions for AV University, is to push for individuals to have an entrepreneurial mindset, and now more than ever, we will define success by our own terms.

Thankfully we have succeeded our goal of catering the first event to New York City Youth & Teens, on 11/7/20. The program was through a Semi-Virtual platform to provide a sense of togetherness and safety due to Covid-19.
We are also proud to expand to different cities around the nation and globally,
with our sites on 
Philly and Ghana, Africa coming up soon.

Click above to donate to our cause as we provide resources to our participants
including tools that will help them jumpstart their own Businesses.

The Possibilities Tour: Welcome
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