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Our Vision goes beyond the Lens.

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Films, Media & Marketing

Our primary focus is creating Films, Shows and Media that are thought provoking and unique. We have Films and Scripts that have been featured in Film Festivals and currently have works in the Pre-production stage. We aim to make the Film industry more diverse with projects and art that are shared from wide range of perspectives and provide a voice to those who are typically silenced.

In addition to creating our own Films and content we support other creatives and Businesses in bringing their visions to life.

As one of the most challenging stages in any project, we specialize in providing Creative Development to our clients. With our team of experts, rest assured that your visual content will be nothing short of exceptional.

If you would like to feature any of our Work or would like for us to support your vision, please email us the details. No idea is too big or small! We got you!


AV University



We teach Youth and Teens marketable skills through Video Production and Storytelling. This is in addition to exposing them to Careers in Media encouraging them to turn their Passions into Profit.


We also provide adult sessions in low income areas facilitated by industry professionals. This allows participants to work on set after they have been trained to help bridge the Wealth gap.

Our most successful endeavor is our Non Profit, "The Possibilities Tour", which is a Traveling Citywide Career Day. Please click here to learn more and/or to donate.

If you want us to collaborate with your school or organization please email us at

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A Safe Space for Creatives of Color

According to "a 2013 study suggests that the mental processes that occur during the creative process are similar to those that occur in “psychosis proneness.” This overlap doesn’t mean that mental illness fosters creativity but supports the idea that a brain engaged in a creative pursuit may closely resemble the brain of someone with a psychiatric disorder." It is no secret that some of the greatest artists have taken their own lives. The psychosis and depression that one feels during the creative process also occurs in addition to the generational trauma that many have experienced.


Our Mental Health Component is comprised of workshops, town halls and group discussions. During our events, creatives of color are able to share their thoughts and collaborate with one another. This is also a safe space for them to clear their minds and produce more work, whenever there is a creative mental blockage.

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